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Don is one of the world’s leading experts on siblings, and has supported siblings for the last 35 years. Don Meyer, Director of the Sibling Support Pr...View Details

In this week’s episode on the Empowering Ability Podcast we welcome guest Dr. Annick Janson, whom resides in NZ. Dr. Annick Janson is a clinical phyco...View Details

In 1995, Patti looked to redesign the disability support organization, moving away from the norm, and she co-founded Neighbours Inc.; an organization ...View Details

Discussing bio medical (non-medical) approaches to well-being for people with disabilities. This week’s podcast/ blog is a rebroadcast from Episode #0...View Details

This week’s guest on the podcast/ blog is David Hasbury. David shares the history of disability, and disability services to help us understand how we ...View Details

Learn what intentional community is, and the building blocks to build your own intentional community. This week, I am re-sharing an important conversa...View Details

Learn how the OPZ family care system works, and hear Toni Smit's foster family experience. Also, hear the benefits and drawbacks of being a foster fam...View Details

Siblings supporting their brother's and sister's on friendships, dating, and dreaming big, with Melissa Janson   Today, we are kicking off our second ...View Details

Jessica and I discuss her approach to helping families create a home, lessons learned from the Be At Home Creative Housing Supports project , innovati...View Details

In this podcast, we discuss the most common question Brendon is asked by families, which is: 'How do I secure the future for my loved one with a disab...View Details

Bill Hiltz shares his story of how he was mistreated and caged in an institution as a toddler, freed by loving people, and how he has grown into a lea...View Details

Parenting author, Ann Douglas, discusses parenting a child with a mental illness /disability, and practicing self-care so we are available as care-giv...View Details

In this week’s podcast/ blog our featured guest is Jeff Dobbin, Executive Director of Partners for Planning (P4P) in Toronto Ontario. Jeff and I discu...View Details

We welcome Janet Klees back to the podcast/ blog this week discuss building natural relationships, bio medical approaches to well-being, and the diffe...View Details

This week’s guest on Empowering Ability Podcast and Blog is Chris Woodhead, Group Director of Housing and Business Development for Dimensions UK.  We ...View Details

In my conversations with people with disabilities, their families, and supporters one of the biggest dreams they have is social acceptance. This blog ...View Details

This is the story of Michael Mainland’s incredible ordinary life. Michael is 38 years old, works at Boston Pizza, has his own house, lives with a room...View Details

Hear the story of the Rougemount Housing Co-operative & the Deohaeko Support Network, learn what intentional community is and how to build it, lea...View Details

Founder of online social media platform My Disability Matters, Dale Reardon, comes on the podcast to discuss this new platform for people with disabil...View Details

David Roche calls himself an inspirational humorist, who has a facial difference. The word inspiration can be viewed as a dirty word in the disability...View Details

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