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#63: We all fall down

Sometimes we fail, we fall down... and we get back up, dust ourselves off, and try again. Falling down is a significant way to learn and find meaning ...View Details

Lorna Sullivan, a global disability leader who is making significant changes inside the New Zealand social system. Lorna is the founder of the Interna...View Details

Here is the secret.... it is to start with developing valued roles. What is a valued role? A valued roles is the answer you give to the question 'What...View Details

Brian shares his story of multiple health challenges and family adversities, and his insights about how we can re-write our story and take control of ...View Details

In this week’s episode on the Empowering Ability Podcast we welcome guest Dr. Annick Janson, whom resides in NZ. Dr. Annick Janson is a clinical phyco...View Details

Parenting author, Ann Douglas, discusses parenting a child with a mental illness /disability, and practicing self-care so we are available as care-giv...View Details

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