#004 - Employees with a Disability and Employers Collaborate for Workplace Success, with Laura McKeen, of Cohen Highley LLP Lawyers


What you will learn in this Episode:
- Discover Cohen Highly LLP’s inclusion practices
- Learn how to best present yourself as a job candidate with a disability
- Debunking the myths of employing an individual with a disability
- Learn the business benefits of hiring an individual with a disability

How to contact Laura McKeen and Cohen Highley LLP Lawyers:

Website: www.cohenhighley.com


Learn more about Laura: http://cohenhighley.com/lawyers/laura-m-mckeen/

Location: London, Ontario, Canada



8 Myths About Hiring Employees with Disabilities, by the Ontario Chamber of Commerce -http://www.occ.ca/emerging-stronger-agenda/8-myths-about-hiring-employees-with-disabilities/

Business Benefits of Accessible Workplaces, by the conference board of Canadahttp://www.conferenceboard.ca/documents/6264_accessibleworkplaces_br_av.pdf

Partnership Council on Employment Opportunities for Persons with Disabilities Report, published by the Government of Ontario - http://www.conferenceboard.ca/documents/6264_accessibleworkplaces_br_av.pdf


Love & Respect,



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