I’ve been talking about life planning and creating a life plan these last few weeks… And I’ve received many questions from families on this topic.   T...View Details

There are two (2) very different paths for your loved one who has a developmental disability...Which path is your loved one on?!...The "Special Needs"...View Details

If you don't have a plan, you're planning to fail. - Benjamin Franklin We need to plan for who will care for our loved one with a developmental disabi...View Details

Do you find yourself continually prompting your loved one to take care of their responsibilities around the house?! It gets exhausting. I’ve got a dif...View Details

How do you keep your loved one with a developmental disability safe while enabling them to develop their independence? There is tension between safety...View Details

Happy 2022! This year, I want to help you to live into the "Awesome Ordinary" life goals that you've got in your mind for your loved one and family. O...View Details

Charlotte wanted to support her son, Jamie, to move out into his own home but wasn’t sure how. I had the pleasure of working with Charlotte and Jamie ...View Details

Are you tired of prompting or telling your loved one to do things, maybe do things around the house?​This is something that many families that I work ...View Details

What do we mean by wanting our loved one with a developmental disability to have more independence?

And, why is helping your loved one grow their i...View Details

#63: We all fall down

Sometimes we fail, we fall down... and we get back up, dust ourselves off, and try again. Falling down is a significant way to learn and find meaning ...View Details

I'm honored to bring you this conversation I recorded with Joe Clayton. Joe is a survivor of Rideau Regional Center; an institution closed in Sm...View Details

Lorna Sullivan, a global disability leader who is making significant changes inside the New Zealand social system. Lorna is the founder of the Interna...View Details

Separated from her brother at childhood, Libby shares her journey of supporting her brother to create a great life.    Enjoy this conversation with Li...View Details

In this conversation with Dr. Margaret Newbury Jones, here out referred to as Margaret, of SHADE Consulting and Counselling we dive into the topic of...View Details

It has been a little over one year since my sister, Sarah has come onto the podcast – and a lot has changed for Sarah. The most significant change ha...View Details

... If I am not there to care and look out for my son or daughter, then who will be? It is a big question, but it is also something we avoid talking a...View Details

Over the past few years, I’ve been thinking deeply about how to best support families with a loved one with a disability to create a happy and full li...View Details

As families, we have the question of who will care for our loved one with a disability when we no longer can?People with intellectual and developmenta...View Details

How to create a life worth living? … am I implying that there are lives that aren’t worth living? This a big question that I ask you to consider for y...View Details

Here is the secret.... it is to start with developing valued roles. What is a valued role? A valued roles is the answer you give to the question 'What...View Details

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