#006 - Social Capital; Building Relationships to Improve Well-Being, with Al Condeluci & Keenan Wellar
What you will learn in this episode:

​- Discover social capital

- Learn why social capital is important (for everyone)

- Learn the 4 stage framework to increase an individual's social capital

- Hear the story of how Chris increased his social capital

How to contact Al Condeluci:

Website: http://www.alcondeluci.com/

Contact: http://www.alcondeluci.com/contact/

Location: Pittsburg PA, USA

How to contact Keenan & the LiveWorkPlay team:

Website: http://liveworkplay.ca/

Website: https://keenanwellar.wordpress.com/

Contact: http://liveworkplay.ca/contact-us/

Phone: 613-702-0332

Location: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada



Research Study - Canadian Journal of Disability Studies: 'Somewhere to live, something to do, someone to love: Examining levels and sources of social capital among people with disabilities' Click Here

Interdependent Network: www.buildingsocialcapital.org
Love & Respect,
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