Over the past few years, I’ve been thinking deeply about how to best support families with a loved one with a disability to create a happy and full life for their loved one - and a good life that isn’t dependent on parents (forever)…

I know this is possible because I have friends with disabilities who have created this life - my family is going through this transformation, and the families I work with are going through this transformation. In this video, I share one of their stories with you.

 ... and I've found that there is there is ONE key thing in common for all of these families… They have Created a Vision!

As families, we need to be able to imagine the best possible life for our loved one with a disability so that we can then create it.

Well, actually there are TWO things all of these families have in common. There are two paths that you can choose as a family (and neither is risk-free). In this video, I tell you about these two paths - and I share with you the ONE path that these families are choosing to create the best life possible for their loved one.

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