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#63: We all fall down

Sometimes we fail, we fall down... and we get back up, dust ourselves off, and try again. Falling down is a significant way to learn and find meaning ...View Details

Lorna Sullivan, a global disability leader who is making significant changes inside the New Zealand social system. Lorna is the founder of the Interna...View Details

Separated from her brother at childhood, Libby shares her journey of supporting her brother to create a great life.    Enjoy this conversation with Li...View Details

Here is the secret.... it is to start with developing valued roles. What is a valued role? A valued roles is the answer you give to the question 'What...View Details

Learn about the Open Future Learning training resource for supporters of people that have an IDD, & how Ben Drew is fighting the oppression of peo...View Details

In this episode, you will learn all about Personal Support Networks! You might have heard of support circles, circles, microboards, or aroha's (there ...View Details

Learn how people with disabilities have lived, how they are living, and what we have learned from renowned consultant Michael Kendrick.   [4-minute re...View Details

Guest Lynne Seagle shares how her organizaton was oppressing people with disabilities, and what they did about it.   This week’s guest is Lynne Seagle...View Details

Guest Nick Maisey, founder of Befriend, shares his insights on building relationships and creating more inclusive cultures. Nick is an Occupational Th...View Details

Al Condeluci provides us with a 4-stage framework to build social capital (meaningful relationships) for people with disabilities. Keenan Wellar also ...View Details

In 1995, Patti looked to redesign the disability support organization, moving away from the norm, and she co-founded Neighbours Inc.; an organization ...View Details

This week’s guest on the podcast/ blog is David Hasbury. David shares the history of disability, and disability services to help us understand how we ...View Details

Learn what intentional community is, and the building blocks to build your own intentional community. This week, I am re-sharing an important conversa...View Details

Bill Hiltz shares his story of how he was mistreated and caged in an institution as a toddler, freed by loving people, and how he has grown into a lea...View Details

In this week’s podcast/ blog our featured guest is Jeff Dobbin, Executive Director of Partners for Planning (P4P) in Toronto Ontario. Jeff and I discu...View Details

In my conversations with people with disabilities, their families, and supporters one of the biggest dreams they have is social acceptance. This blog ...View Details

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