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Learn how people with disabilities have lived, how they are living, and what we have learned from renowned consultant Michael Kendrick.   [4-minute re...View Details

Brian shares his story of multiple health challenges and family adversities, and his insights about how we can re-write our story and take control of ...View Details

Guest Lynne Seagle shares how her organizaton was oppressing people with disabilities, and what they did about it.   This week’s guest is Lynne Seagle...View Details

Guest Joscelyn Duffy shares her strategies of resiliency through her recovery from a life threatening illness, & we discuss how to be a compassion...View Details

In 1995, Patti looked to redesign the disability support organization, moving away from the norm, and she co-founded Neighbours Inc.; an organization ...View Details

Learn what intentional community is, and the building blocks to build your own intentional community. This week, I am re-sharing an important conversa...View Details

We welcome Janet Klees back to the podcast/ blog this week discuss building natural relationships, bio medical approaches to well-being, and the diffe...View Details

Hear the story of the Rougemount Housing Co-operative & the Deohaeko Support Network, learn what intentional community is and how to build it, lea...View Details

The Anthony Bourdain of the community care world, Jackie Goldstein, is our guest this week. Jackie is an observer, educator, author and speaker on com...View Details


This is Part 1 of a 6 part mini-series on housing for people with disabilities. We are exploring the housing issue for people with disabilities, n...View Details

We have two guests on this episode, Sylvia Paurys, who has been providing personal supports for the last 20 years, and my sister Sarah. Sylvia has bee...View Details

A sibling care-giver tells her story of becoming her brother's go to person after her parents passed sooner than anyone expected. This podcast is impo...View Details

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