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Here is the secret.... it is to start with developing valued roles. What is a valued role? A valued roles is the answer you give to the question 'What...View Details

Yvonne defines grief, how to support others that are grieving, and shares her 7 takeaways to navigate through life, grief, and end of life.   In this ...View Details

Dr. Yona Lunsky discusses state of mental health and developmental disability, how to notice mental health challenges, and different treatments.   In ...View Details

Brian shares his story of multiple health challenges and family adversities, and his insights about how we can re-write our story and take control of ...View Details

Bill Hiltz shares his story of how he was mistreated and caged in an institution as a toddler, freed by loving people, and how he has grown into a lea...View Details

In this week’s podcast/ blog our featured guest is Jeff Dobbin, Executive Director of Partners for Planning (P4P) in Toronto Ontario. Jeff and I discu...View Details

We welcome Janet Klees back to the podcast/ blog this week discuss building natural relationships, bio medical approaches to well-being, and the diffe...View Details

David Roche calls himself an inspirational humorist, who has a facial difference. The word inspiration can be viewed as a dirty word in the disability...View Details

Social Enterprise that is Empowering Growth and Inclusion, with Karen Chambers of Bob Rumball Associations for the Deaf   What you will learn in this ...View Details

#006 - Social Capital; Building Relationships to Improve Well-Being, with Al Condeluci & Keenan Wellar   What you will learn in this episode: ​- D...View Details

Families Supporting Families, with Sue Simpson of the Waterloo Region Family Network (WRFN)   What you will learn in this episode: ​- Discover family ...View Details

#004 - Employees with a Disability and Employers Collaborate for Workplace Success, with Laura McKeen, of Cohen Highley LLP Lawyers   What you will le...View Details

003 - Independent Facilitation and Support Circles Enriching Lives, with Joanna Goode, Director of Facilitation Wellington Dufferin   What you will ge...View Details

002 - The 5 Life and Financial Stages for Families With A Disability, with Tom Mahoney, of Freedom 55 Financial

Hear Tom's  journey as a parent of a ...View Details

#001 - The movement to individualized support, and accessing developmental support services, with Keenan Wellar, Co-Leader of LiveWorkPlay.   What you...View Details

000 - Podcast Introduction & Eric's Story, with your host, Eric Goll   What you will get from this episode:  Hear my story, featuring my mom &...View Details

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