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Lorna Sullivan, a global disability leader who is making significant changes inside the New Zealand social system. Lorna is the founder of the Interna...View Details

In this episode, you will learn all about Personal Support Networks! You might have heard of support circles, circles, microboards, or aroha's (there ...View Details

Learn how people with disabilities have lived, how they are living, and what we have learned from renowned consultant Michael Kendrick.   [4-minute re...View Details

Guest Nick Maisey, founder of Befriend, shares his insights on building relationships and creating more inclusive cultures. Nick is an Occupational Th...View Details

Welcome to Episode #042 of the Empowering Ability Podcast/ Blog. Today’s episode is about ‘Understanding the Sibling Experience, with Helen Ries.’ Bef...View Details

Al Condeluci provides us with a 4-stage framework to build social capital (meaningful relationships) for people with disabilities. Keenan Wellar also ...View Details

Don is one of the world’s leading experts on siblings, and has supported siblings for the last 35 years. Don Meyer, Director of the Sibling Support Pr...View Details

Learn what intentional community is, and the building blocks to build your own intentional community. This week, I am re-sharing an important conversa...View Details

Learn how the OPZ family care system works, and hear Toni Smit's foster family experience. Also, hear the benefits and drawbacks of being a foster fam...View Details

Siblings supporting their brother's and sister's on friendships, dating, and dreaming big, with Melissa Janson   Today, we are kicking off our second ...View Details

Founder of online social media platform My Disability Matters, Dale Reardon, comes on the podcast to discuss this new platform for people with disabil...View Details

I ask Keenan, “What is the most common question you get asked in your role as Co-leader at LiveWorkPlay?”. Keenan replies “Housing – what should we do...View Details

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